My Experience Changing to a Natural Deodorant

Changing to a natural deodorant is a pretty daunting thing to do. I grew up with all the ads for Rexona and Lynx saying how it makes you more of a man or 🤦‍♂️ more appealing!! As I got older I found Rexona to sort of work the best for me. As I’m a sweater 😓 & especially on hot days working in the outdoors it seemed to keep me from underarm smells “most” of the time! In reading information about the possible long term affects from Aluminium & other nasties absorbed from most deodorants I made a decision to try a natural option. To be honest I had my doubts (also no ones wants to be the B.O guy!) Applying a paste type deodorant for the first time was a little different to the usual roll on I was used to but very quickly becomes normal. Note it does not stop you from sweating but uses natural antibacterial ingredients to kill off the underarm bacteria that causes the unwanted smells! Also I have noticed no staining on shirts that sometime would happen from commercial deodorants. After about a month of successfully transitioning to a natural option I had some redness under one armpit but I did a little research & found this can happen in some cases due to some people reacting to the bi carb. With this I made the swap to a bicarb free paste that works just the same for me. For the last year I have used No Pong Natural Deoderant Paste. Firstly it bloody works, as a paste it is one of the best I have found for applicability (especially in colder months not turning to a solid lump) & love it’s eco friendly packaging. Anyway that’s my experience! ✌️🌿🌏- - p.s to all modelling companies feel free to contact!! 😜✌️

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