Our 100% Australian grown hulled hemp seeds contain a variety of valuable nutrients. They are a high quality source of plant protein (35%), are naturally free from gluten and also hold a complete amino acid profile. Hemp seeds contain the essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega-3 and omega-6, and are also rich in fibre.

Hemp seeds have a creamy and nutty-like flavour and can be used in a variety of ways including smoothie and salad toppers, for making hemp milk, bliss balls, seed spread and more.

Store hemp seeds in a cool, dry, dark place. Avoid heat, sunlight, water and humidity. It is best to refrigerate after opening to maintain freshness.



Australian hulled hemp seeds


Nutritional Information
Av. Per 100g

Energy (kj) 2385

Protein (g) 35.1

Fat Total (g) 46

Fat Saturated (g) 4.3

Carbohydrate (g) 2.4

Sugars (g) 1.9

Sodium (mg) 0

Serving Size (g) 20


Allergen Advice

We pack a wide range of products on shared equipment that includes grains, cereals, seeds, nuts, dried fruits and powders. Traces of gluten, tree nuts, sesame seeds may be present in this product


Hemp Seeds Hulled